Hello, and welcome to my tumblr. I'm a 16 year old guy from Sweden. I love many different things, mostly nerdy stuff like fandoms and such. On this blog I plan to post, and reblog things that I love, and hate, or things that just are important in my life. If you want to ask anything, then just do it. I can't promise i'll answer it though if the question is completely ridiculous. :D



Kinda mad at myself that I held onto all the nintendo handhelds I’ve owned except my original gameboy. Also wow these animations are fun to do. -Dale


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Kinda mad at myself that I held onto all the nintendo handhelds I’ve owned except my original gameboy. Also wow these animations are fun to do. -Dale


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The boyfriend test.

I Open At The Close
Pussycat Dolores

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This is my band’s new song, can you guess what it is about? ;) ok and maybe you shouldn’t take this all too seriously it’s just a song and yeah we had fun, hope you like it!!

You walked right into all of the dangers

You’ve faced all of the enemies before

You could handle all of the problems

The boy who lived never did anything wrong

Why are you hiding in the dark now?

You know that they would understand you

Once again you’re walking through the forest

Only this time it is all about you

Speak up for what you believe in

Here’s the truth and you belong here

Everyone is different, it’s true

Let them know

Let them know

Even you belong

Together, forever Together forever

Together, forever Together, forever.

You came from the house of lions

Your heart is filled with bravery

You could fly up to the sky see the starlight

And you never fell, and you never will fall

And why do you think it will happen to you now?

If you like the cunning folk then that’s up to you

Cunning and brave love is as true as the others

It’s up to you, what your heart say is true

Let them see that you are happy

And it is your time to be, yes it is

Risking everything is nothing new

Risks are what you take,

Your time has come, so let us go on now, Let us go on now Let us go on now, let us go on now…

You’re going in the right direction

We will be stronger, we’ll be one nation

We will be stronger, because we are united

We will support you, you don’t have to hide

Open up, it is time to come out

Dreaming you will be open and honest

Remembering that you don’t need to be modest

After all this is all that we do

Remember all those that once fought for you

Remember all the battles you had in the sky, in the sky

You two deserve forever and always, forever and always, forever and always, forever and always

You fought in wars

You defeated them all

You had more power than any before don’t be afraid of the comments

Afraid of the hate It will be okay

Because we will support you

Yes we will support you…

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Okay, I realize this hilariously late for Asexuality Awareness Week (which was last week), but due to unforeseen stressors, it didn’t really get done in time.

Anyway! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, and I’m proud of myself of actually getting a six page comic done within a week. (Not that it’s really anything super fancy, but it’s better than nothing lol) I do apologize for the massive ugly text wall that is page four but I had a hard time figuring out how to convey it visually while being kind of pressed for time. oh and the occasional copy/paste, I’m sorry for that too

Enjoy! Click on the separate pictures if the text is hard to read.

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Derpy and docror Whooves cosplay at ConFusion 2013

Me and my boyfriend! <3

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Never not reblog

I love this so much


I feel that Jesse and James are actually lesbian lovers

i love the fact that in their intros and disguises, Jessie almost ALWAYS assumes the masculine role and James almost ALWAYS assumes the feminine roll

i think it suits them

pokemon has been defying gender roles since 1996

why hasn’t everyone else caught up yet?

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Work in progress

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Work in progress